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Moses said: “

"God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied."

Wednesday 04 October

Matthew 5:6
For us, hunger and thirst will normally be very brief experiences, easily satiated by going to the fridge or turning on a tap. But many Jesus was speaking to originally would have had a very different experience because they were poor and therefore extremely vulnerable. If they had a bad harvest they would most likely go hungry. And because water would often be drawn from a well or a river they might have had a long journey to get more of it. Hungering and thirsting would have been common experiences.

Let’s remind ourselves too that our New Testament is a translation from Greek. In our verse today the translators have chosen to use the word ‘justice’ as being the thing for which people hunger and thirst. Justice is certainly part of it, but the Greek word has a much broader meaning than that. It is basically everything good and right that characterises the kingdom of God. The word is often translated by the word ‘righteousness’, that is to say everything that is in tune with God’s will. Everything that is best.

The big question is: “Why doesn’t everyone hunger and thirst for everything that is best if God promises to satisfy us?” Surely, it’s obvious that everyone would want that. But, sadly many Christians don’t hunger and thirst for righteousness. They are happy to attend church regularly and make a financial contribution, but hungering and thirsting hardly describes their attitude towards God. The reasons for this are many but often their attitude is affected by distraction. They do love God but they are really busy with their family, work, hobbies or sport. None of those things are necessarily bad, but God wants us to put him and his kingdom first. When we reflect on the incredible way God can bless our lives surely we should start hungering and thirsting for him. When we do so, we have the incredible promise that we will be satisfied.

Do you hunger and thirst for God’s kingdom? If not, why do you think that might be?

Loving God, give me a deeper desire for you. Give me such a longing for your kingdom that I will hunger and thirst for your will. Amen


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